Division of Denison

This article is about the federal electorate. For the state electorate, see Division of Denison (state).
Australian House of Representatives Division

Division of Denison in Tasmania, as of the 2016 federal election.
Created 1903
MP Andrew Wilkie
Party Independent
Namesake William Denison
Electors 74,020 (2016)
Area 288 km2 (111.2 sq mi)
Demographic Inner Metropolitan

The Division of Denison is an Australian electoral division in Tasmania. The division was one of the five established when the former Division of Tasmania was redistributed on 2 October 1903 and is named for Sir William Denison, who was Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land 1847–55. It is located in central Hobart, today including the suburbs of Glenorchy, New Town and Taroona.

Denison has been a consistently marginal seat, but was held by the Australian Labor Party between 1987 and 2010 with little difficulty. Its most prominent members have been Sir Philip Fysh, a member of the first federal Cabinet, Athol Townley, Minister for Defence in the Menzies Government, and Duncan Kerr, a minister in the Keating, Rudd and Gillard governments. Townley resigned in 1964 when he was named Ambassador to the United States, but he died before taking up the appointment. Another prominent member is the incumbent independent MP Andrew Wilkie, elected at the 2010 election. Denison has had 16 different members, the most (with Bass, Bendigo and Swan) of any federal electorate.


  Sir Philip Fysh Protectionist 1903–1906
  Anti-Socialist 1906–1909
  Commonwealth Liberal 1909–1910
  William Laird Smith Labor 1910–1916
  National Labor 1916–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1922
  David O'Keefe Labor 1922–1925
  Sir John Gellibrand Nationalist 1925–1928
  Charles Culley Labor 1928–1931
  Arthur Hutchin United Australia 1931–1934
  Gerald Mahoney Labor 1934–1940
  Arthur Beck United Australia 1940–1943
  John Gaha Labor 1943–1949
  Athol Townley Liberal 1949–1963
  Adrian Gibson Liberal 1964–1969
  Robert Solomon Liberal 1969–1972
  John Coates Labor 1972–1975
  Michael Hodgman Liberal 1975–1987
  Duncan Kerr Labor 1987–2010
  Andrew Wilkie Independent 2010–present

Election results

Australian federal election, 2016: Denison[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent Andrew Wilkie 29,372 44.07 +5.99
Labor Jane Austin 15,335 23.01 −1.74
Liberal Marcus Allan 13,267 19.90 −3.33
Greens Jen Brown 7,068 10.60 +2.68
Christian Democrats Amanda Excell 980 1.47 +1.47
Democratic Labour Wayne Williams 632 0.95 +0.10
Total formal votes 66,654 97.08 +1.30
Informal votes 2,002 2.92 −1.30
Turnout 68,656 92.75 −1.51
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Jane Austin 43,550 65.34 +6.43
Liberal Marcus Allan 23,104 34.66 −6.43
Two-candidate-preferred result
Independent Andrew Wilkie 45,176 67.78 +2.27
Labor Jane Austin 21,478 32.22 −2.27
Independent hold Swing +2.27


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Coordinates: 42°53′17″S 147°14′38″E / 42.888°S 147.244°E / -42.888; 147.244

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