Division of Capricornia

Australian House of Representatives Division

Division of Capricornia in Queensland, as of the 2016 federal election.
Created 1901
MP Michelle Landry
Party Liberal National
Namesake Tropic of Capricorn
Electors 98,233 (2016)
Area 91,049 km2 (35,154.2 sq mi)
Demographic Provincial

The Division of Capricornia is an Australian Electoral Division in Queensland. The division was one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first federal election. It is named after the Tropic of Capricorn, which runs through the Division. It is located on the central Queensland coast and its centre has always been the city of Rockhampton. On its current boundaries it also includes the town of Yeppoon and the southern suburb of Mackay, Ooralea.

The first election saw Alexander Paterson, with 51% of votes, narrowly elected over the ALP candidate Wallace Nelson. For most of its subsequent history it has been a fairly safe seat for the ALP. However, it has fallen to the conservatives at high-tide elections. It is currently held by Michelle Landry for the Liberal National Party who in 2016, became the first reelected conservative MP for the seat since Henry Pearce in 1958.

Its best-known member was Frank Forde, who was briefly Prime Minister of Australia in 1945.


  Alexander Paterson Independent Free Trade 1901–1903
  David Thomson Labour 1903–1906
  Edward Archer Anti-Socialist 1906–1909
  Commonwealth Liberal 1909–1910
  William Higgs Labor 1910–1920
  Independent 1920–1920
  Nationalist 1920–1922
  Frank Forde Labor 1922–1946
  Charles Davidson Liberal 1946–1949
  Henry Pearce Liberal 1949–1961
  George Gray Labor 1961–1967
  Doug Everingham Labor 1967–1975
  Colin Carige National 1975–1977
  Doug Everingham Labor 1977–1984
  Keith Wright Labor 1984–1993
  Independent 1993–1993
  Marjorie Henzell Labor 1993–1996
  Paul Marek National 1996–1998
  Kirsten Livermore Labor 1998–2013
  Michelle Landry Liberal National 2013–present

Election results

Australian federal election, 2016: Capricornia[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal National Michelle Landry 35,310 40.05 +0.47
Labor Leisa Neaton 33,579 38.09 +1.05
Katter's Australian Laurel Carter 6,241 7.08 +1.54
Family First Lindsay Temple 4,547 5.16 +1.30
Independent Ken Murray 4,312 4.89 +4.89
Greens Kate Giamarelos 4,166 4.73 +1.30
Total formal votes 88,155 96.45 +1.60
Informal votes 3,242 3.55 −1.60
Turnout 91,397 93.04 −1.79
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal National Michelle Landry 44,633 50.63 −0.14
Labor Leisa Neaton 43,522 49.37 +0.14
Liberal National hold Swing −0.14


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