Division of Braddon (state)

This article is about the state electorate. For the federal electorate, see Division of Braddon.
TasmaniaHouse of Assembly

Map of Braddon
State Tasmania
MP Adam Brooks (Liberal)
Bryan Green (Labor)
Roger Jaensch (Liberal)
Jeremy Rockliff (Liberal)
Joan Rylah (Liberal)
Party Labor (1), Liberal (4)
Namesake Sir Edward Braddon
Electors 72,238 (2014)
Area 20,826 km2 (8,041.0 sq mi)
Demographic Mixed

The Electoral Division of Braddon, Tasmania is one of the five electorates in the Tasmanian House of Assembly. The division takes its name from the former Premier of Tasmania, Sir Edward Braddon. Prior to 1955, the electorate was known as Darwin. The boundaries and name of the electorate are shared with the federal Division of Braddon. The electoral constituency includes; King Island, the North-west towns of Devonport, Burnie, Wynyard, Ulverstone, Penguin, and Smithton, as well as the West Coast towns of Strahan, Zeehan and Queenstown.[1] At each state government election; five members are elected to Braddon through the single transferable vote. Braddon measures 20,826 km2.

Current members

Members for Braddon and Darwin

Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1909   James Belton Labor   Herbert Payne Anti-Socialist   James Ogden Labor   James Long Labor   Joshua Whitsitt Anti-Socialist   Benjamin Watkins Labor
1910   James Hurst Labor
1912   Liberal   George Pullen Liberal   Liberal
1916   Edward Hobbs Liberal
1917   Nationalist   Nationalist   Independent   Percy Pollard Nationalist
1919   James Hurst Labor
1920   Percy Pollard Nationalist
1921   Country   Country
1922   Frank Marriott Nationalist   Richard Franks Country
1922   Philip Kelly Labor
1925   Liberal
1925   Henry McFie Nationalist
1926   Henry Lane Labor
1928   Nationalist   Fergus Medwin Labor
1931   Independent
1931   Thomas Butler Nationalist   Thomas d'Alton Labor
1934   Frank Edwards Nationalist   Jack Chamberlain Nationalist   Joseph McGrath Labor
1937   Henry Lane Labor
1940   John Wright Nationalist
1941   James Bugg Labor   Henry McFie Nationalist
1944   Michael Smith Labor
1946   Eric Reece Labor   Liberal   Carrol Bramich Labor   Liberal   Charley Aylett Labor   John Fidler Liberal
1948   Independent
1948   Kevin Lyons Liberal
1951   Jack Breheny Liberal
1956   Liberal   Sydney Ward Labor
1959   Lloyd Costello Labor   Joseph Britton Labor
1964   Geoff Chisholm Labor   Wilfred Barker Liberal
1969   Centre
1972   Glen Davies Labor   Ray Bonney Liberal
1975   Joseph Britton Labor   John Coughlan Labor
1976   Michael Field Labor   Ron Cornish Liberal   Roger Groom Liberal
1979   Michael Weldon Labor
1982   Vince Smith Liberal
1986   Tony Rundle Liberal   Michael Weldon Labor   Bill Bonde Liberal   Greg Peart Labor
1989   Di Hollister Greens
1992   Carole Cains Liberal
1996   Brenton Best Labor
1997   Mike Gard Labor   Carole Cains Liberal
1998   Bryan Green Labor   Steve Kons Labor
2002   Jeremy Rockliff Liberal   Brett Whiteley Liberal
2010   Adam Brooks Liberal   Paul O'Halloran Greens
2014   Joan Rylah Liberal   Roger Jaensch Liberal

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  1. Braddon, Tasmanian Electoral Commission
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