Districts of Zambia

The ten provinces of Zambia are divided into a total of 103 districts.

Article 109 in part VIII of the constitution of Zambia deals with local government. It states only that there should be some form of local government, and that this local government should be based on democratically elected councils on the basis of universal adult suffrage.[1]

Provincial Districts in Zambia

Provincial Districts of Zambia

Until 2013, Zambia was subdivided into 72 districts. However, since 2010 a number of new districts have been created bringing the total to 103.[2]

Total Districts by Province
  1. Central Province (11 districts)
  2. Copperbelt Province (10 districts)
  3. Eastern Province (9 districts)
  4. Luapula Province (11 districts)
  5. Lusaka Province (8 districts)
  6. Muchinga Province (7 districts)
  7. North-Western Province (9 districts)
  8. Northern Province (9 districts)
  9. Southern Province (13 districts)
  10. Western Province (16 districts)

Central Province

Districts of Central Province Zambia

Central Province is composed of 11 districts.

Copperbelt Province

Districts of Copperbelt Province Zambia

Copperbelt Province is composed of 10 districts.

Eastern Province

Districts of Eastern Province Zambia

Eastern Province is composed of 9 districts.

Luapula Province

Districts of Luapula Province Zambia

Luapula Province is composed of 11 districts.

Lusaka Province

Districts of Lusaka

Lusaka Province is composed of 8 districts.

Muchinga Province

Districts of Muchinga Province Zambia

Muchinga Province is composed of 7 districts.

Northern Province

Districts of Northern Province Zambia

Northern Province is composed of 9 districts.

North-Western Province

Districts of North-Western Zambia

North-Western Province is composed of 9 districts.

Southern Province

Districts of Southern Zambia

Southern Province is composed of 13 districts.

Western Province

Districts of Western Zambia

Western Province is composed of 16 districts.

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