Discovery Historia

Discovery Historia
Launched November 15, 2006
Owned by Discovery Networks CEEMEA
Language Polish
D-Smart 56.Kanal HD
UPC Poland Channel 391

Discovery Historia is a Polish television channel broadcasting history-related programmes. The channel was originally a joint-venture between Discovery Networks and TVN, but TVN left the venture in 2009. It is headed by Barbara Bilińska-Kępa.

From its launch, the channel featured some Polish productions, such as Wielkie Ucieczki, Rozmowy niekontrolowane Macieja Szumowskiego, Historie z Karty and Archiwum X. Śledztwa po latach.[1]

On May 30, 2009, TVN withdrew from the channel and sold its stake to Discovery Networks. Hence, the channel became fully owned by Discovery Networks Central Europe.

Because TVN is no longer associated with the channel and Discovery Networks has updated its corporate profile, the channel received a new logo on October 1, 2009. The new logo was created in-house by Discovery.[2][3]

Discovery Historia used to be exclusively available on the satellite platform N, but that changed after TVN sold their share. The cable operator Jambox announced they would offer the channel in October 2009.[4] Later in the same month it was launched on Multimedia Polska.[5]



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