Discovery Channel France

Discovery Channel France
Launched September 1, 2004
Owned by Discovery Networks EMEA
Country United Kingdom[1]
Broadcast area France
Sister channel(s) Discovery Science France

Discovery Channel France is a television channel broadcasting to France. It is the French version of the Discovery Channel.

The channel launched on September 1, 2004. Until then, France had been the only region in Western Europe not reached by the Discovery Channel. It initially reached 3.2 million subscribers via the CanalSat platform.[2] On March 31, 2009, the channel adopted the new Discovery Channel logo and look.[3]

The channel faces competition from other documentary channels such as Planète.

Programs are mostly taken from the United Kingdom and the United States and include:

Language localisation

The channel is known for its abysmal Language localisation and Voice-over translation. Voice over translation is culturally associated to past midnight shopping programs and unlike most of the CanalSat's channels it didn't offer the original audio of the programs as an option.


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