Director of Immigration

Director of Immigration of Immigration Department

Insignia for the Hong Kong Immigration Department
Eric Chan

since 2011
Deputy Law, Chun-nam
Salary GDS(C) 4 (HK$181,450)[1]
Website Official website
Director of Immigration
Traditional Chinese 入境事務處處長

The Director of Immigration (Chinese: 入境事務處處長) is the head of the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Government, which is responsible for immigration issues and controlling entry ports into Hong Kong.

List of Directors of Immigration

British Administration

Post Handover

Name Took office Left office
Regina Ip (Chinese: 葉劉淑儀) 1997 1998
Ambrose Lee (Chinese: 李少光) 1998 2002
Lai Tung-kwok (Chinese: 黎楝國) 2002 2008
Simon Peh (Chinese: 白韞六) 2008 2011
Eric Chan (Chinese: 陳國基) 2011 Incumbent


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