Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland

Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland
Sør-Hålogaland bispedømme

View of the Bodø Cathedral
Country Norway
Territory Nordland
Deaneries Bodø domprosti, Lofoten, Ofoten, Vesterålen, Salten, Nord-Helgeland, Indre Helgeland, Sør-Helgeland
Parishes 96
Members 236,000
Denomination Church of Norway
Established 1952
Cathedral Bodø Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Tor Berger Jørgensen

Location of Sør-Hålogaland diocese

Sør-Hålogaland is a diocese in the Church of Norway. The Diocese covers the Lutheran Church of Norway churches located within Nordland county in Norway. The diocese is headquartered in Bodø at the Bodø Cathedral, the seat of the presiding Bishop Tor Berger Jørgensen (since 2007).


In 1952, the old Diocese of Hålogaland (which covered all of Northern Norway) was split into two: the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland (Nordland county) and the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland (Troms, Finnmark, and Svalbard).


The bishops of Sør-Hålogaland since its creation in 1952:


Main article: Bodø Cathedral

The old church in Bodø was destroyed during World War II, and after the war plans were made to replace the church and make it the cathedral for the new diocese. The foundation stone was laid in 1954 and was consecrated by Bishop Wollert Krohn-Hansen in 1956. There is also a memorial to those who died in Bodø during the Second World War.[2]


The Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland is divided into eight deaneries (Norwegian: prosti). Each one corresponds to several municipalities in the diocese. Each municipality is further divided into one or more parishes which each contain one or more congregations. See each municipality below for lists of churches and parishes within them.

Deanery (prosti) Municipalities Diocese Map
Bodø domprosti
(Map: lower blue)
Bodø, Gildeskål, Meløy, Røst, Værøy
Lofoten prosti
(Map: upper green)
Flakstad, Moskenes, Vestvågøy, Vågan
Vesterålen prosti
(Map: upper blue)
Andøy, , Hadsel, Sortland, Øksnes
Ofoten prosti
(Map: red)
Ballangen, Evenes, Hamarøy, Lødingen, Narvik, Tjeldsund, Tysfjord
Salten prosti
(Map: upper yellow)
Beiarn, Fauske, Saltdal, Steigen, Sørfold
Nord-Helgeland prosti
(Map: light blue)
Alstahaug, Dønna, Herøy, Leirfjord, Lurøy, Nesna, Rødøy, Træna
Indre Helgeland prosti
(Map: lower green)
Grane, Hattfjelldal, Hemnes, Rana, Vefsn
Sør-Helgeland prosti
(Map: lower yellow)
Bindal, Brønnøy, Sømna, Vega, Vevelstad


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