Diocese of Gothenburg

Diocese of Gothenburg
Göteborgs stift

Arms of the diocese of Gothenburg
Country Sweden
Deaneries 16 kontrakt[1]
Coordinates 57°42′16″N 11°57′55″E / 57.70444°N 11.96528°E / 57.70444; 11.96528Coordinates: 57°42′16″N 11°57′55″E / 57.70444°N 11.96528°E / 57.70444; 11.96528
Parishes 124[1]
Congregations 196[1]
Denomination Church of Sweden
Established 1620[2]
Cathedral Gothenburg Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Per Eckerdal[3]

The diocese of Gothenburg is a diocese of the Church of Sweden. Since September 2011, the bishop has been Per Eckerdal. 1949–1970 it was Bo Giertz. The diocese includes the provinces of Bohuslän, Halland, and south-west parts of Västergötland. The episcopal see of the diocese is in Gothenburg Cathedral.


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