Dimitrie Paciurea

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Dimitrie Paciurea - Himera pământului

Dimitrie Paciurea (Romanian pronunciation: [diˈmitri.e paˈt͡ʃjure̯a]; 2 November (1873 or 1875) 14 July 1932) was a Romanian sculptor. His representational and symbolic style contrasts strongly to the more abstract style of his contemporary and co-national Constantin Brâncuși.

Born in Bucharest, he studied in Bucharest (1890-1894) and Paris (1896-1900). Paciurea was one of the founders of the Romanian Art Society (1919). A room of the Romanian National Art Museum is devoted largely to his Chimera sculptures.


Some ambiguity regarding Dimitrie's birth-year exists.

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