Diego Schoening

Diego Schoening (born August 5, 1969 in Mexico City), is a Mexican singer, actor and television host.

Schoening started his career in the band Timbiriche in 1981,[1] where he remained until its disbanding in 1994. In Timbiriche, he recorded 19 records, performed soap operas "Acompañame" (1977),"Nosotras las Mujeres" (1981) "La Pasion de Isabela" (1984), Angélica (1985), Muchachitas (1991), Agujetas de color de rosa (1994), Confidente de secundaria (1996) and Soñadoras (1998) and participated in episodes of Mujer casos de la vida real, among others and in the movie Embrujo del rock, also he was the television host of 'Nuevas Tardes" Hoy 100% Mujer'Super Sabado' . In 1998 he joined with the old members of Timbiriche Paulina Rubio, Alix Bauer, Erik Rubin, Sasha Sokol, Mariana Garza and Benny Ibarra. In 1999 he released his first solo album Voy a mí. In 2007 he rejoined with Timbiriche to celebrate 25 years since the beginning of the group. In 2009 he released his second album Lo que soy.



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