Devizes by-election, 1964

The 1964 Devizes by-election was held on 14 May 1964 after the death of the incumbent Conservative MP, Percivall Pott. It was won by the Conservative candidate Charles Morrison a member of Wiltshire County Council and chair of its Education Committee.[1] Opinion poll forecasts and against the trend in the three other by-elections held on the same day were predicting a Labour win. The surprise victory was attributed to Morrison being well-known, popular and active in the constituency. His campaign had the support of Ian Fleming, a relation by marriage of Morrison's wife Sara, who wrote an article called To Westminster with Love beginning with the words "Charles Morrison - Licensed to Kill."[1]

Devizes By-Election, 1964[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Charles Morrison 19,554 46.87 -4.54
Labour IHH Rogers 17,884 42.87 +1.0
Liberal Michael Patrick Fogarty 4,281 10.26 +3.53
Majority 1,670 4.0 -5.54
Turnout 41,719
Conservative hold Swing


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