Detroit-style pizza

Detroit-style pizza

Small Detroit-style pizza from Green Lantern Pizza in Detroit, Michigan.
Type Pizza
Place of origin United States
Region or state Detroit
Main ingredients Pizza dough, tomato sauce, brick cheese
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Detroit-style pizza is a style of pizza developed in Detroit, Michigan. It is a square pizza that has a thick deep-dish crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and green peppers, and is generally served with sauce on top of the cheese.[1][2][3] The square shaped pizza is the result of being baked in a square pan, which is often not a pizza pan.[4] Rather, industrial parts trays are often used, which were originally made to hold small parts in factories.[4]

The crust of a Detroit-style pizza is noteworthy because in addition to occasionally being twice-baked, it is usually baked in a well-oiled pan to a chewy medium-well-done state that gives the bottom and edges of the crust a fried/crunchy texture. Some parlors will apply melted butter with a soft brush prior to baking. The resulting pizza has a chewy texture.


The origins of "Detroit-style" pizza can be traced back historically to Buddy's Rendezvous in 1946, which later became Buddy's Pizza. Over the next several decades, the chain grew and developed, cooks moved on, and in some cases they opened their own pizzerias. Cloverleaf, which was later founded by Gus Guerra as an Italian restaurant in Eastpointe, serves Detroit Style Pan Pizza as does Luigi's "the Original", the Shield's Pizza chain, and Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park. In 2009, both Buddy's Detroit-style square pizza and Luigi's "the Original" of Harrison Township, Mich were singled out as two of the 25 best pizzas in America by GQ magazine food critic, Alan Richman.[5]

Niki's in Greektown, Little Caesars in Detroit, Jet's in Sterling Heights, G. Willie's in St. Clair Shores, Papa Bella's in Ortonville, Green Lantern in Madison Heights, The Gathering Place & Marinelli's in Troy, and Detroit Style Pizza Company are among Detroit's specialty pizzerias with deep dish pizza and or Detroit-style pizza in Southeast Michigan. The pizza at these restaurants is square or rectangular, with a thick crispy crust. Other restaurants that serve square specialty pizzas, similar to Detroit style, but more closely related to Sicilian style include Benito's Pizza, Cottage Inn, and Alibi in Troy (only offered in round however, making it a questionable member of the Detroit-Style market). In April 2013, Detroit-based Little Caesars launched the first Detroit-style deep dish pizza that is available nationwide; and also offered a version edging its crust with bacon. [6]

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