Despot Stefan Lazarević Memorial

Monument to Despot Stefan Lazarević
Спомен обележје Деспоту Стефану Лазаревићу

Marble pillar at the place of death of Despot Stefan Lazarević in the courtyard of the church in Markovac
Location Crkvine, Mladenovac,  Serbia
Type Monument
Material glazed white marble
Width 68 cm (2.23 ft)
Height 186 cm (6.10 ft)
Completion date 1427
Dedicated to Despot Stefan Lazarević

The Monument to Despot Stefan Lazarević (Спомен обележје Деспоту Стефану Лазаревићу) is located in the village of Crkvine by Mladenovac, Serbia, in courtyard of the church of St. prophet Elijah. That is marble monument with medieval record on death of Despot Stefan Lazarević. The monument was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979, and it is now protected by Republic of Serbia. The monument is in the form of column, created from glazed white marble, height 186 cm, width 68 cm, and a thickness of 26 cm. The largest, main inscription is written in calligraphic letters, on the west side of monument, below ingraved three-sided cross. Monument was raised by his companion Đurađ Zubrović immediately after the death of Despot Stefan, in 1427.

Writings on the monument are:

I, Despot Stefan, the son of the Holy Prince Lazar and by the presentation of the grace of God, was Lord of all Serbs in Podunavlje and Posavlje, in parts of Hungary and parts of Bosnian land, and even on the coast of Zeta. And in my ruling days, given by God, I have spent my time as long as it was wished by my God, the years around the 38. And so, main wish by the emperor of all and God, saying that the angel was sent to me: "Go!" And so my soul from my piteous body separated, at a place called Glava, during year 6000 and 900 and 30 and 5 indicator 5 sun round 19 and lune 19, month of July, 19th day.

Pious Mr. Despot Stefan, good gentleman, too good and beloved and sweet Mr. Despot! Oh, hard it is to anyone who sees him dead in this place.

I, Đurađ Zubrović, sinful servant of God, laid this stone.

Forgive, God



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