Derzelas (Darzalas) was a Dacian or Thracian chthonic god of abundance and the underworld, health and human spirit's vitality.[1]

Darzalas was the god of Hellenistic period Odessos (modern Varna) and was frequently depicted on its coinage from the third century BCE to the third century CE[2] and portrayed in numerous terracotta figurines, as well as in a rare 4th century BC lead one (photo), found in the city. Darzalas was often depicted in himation, holding cornucopiae with altars by his side. There was a temple dedicated to him with a cult statue, and games (Darzaleia) were held in his honor every five years, possibly attended by Gordian III in 238 CE.

Another temple dedicated to Derzelas was built at Histria - a Greek colony on the shore of the Black Sea in the third century BC.

Darzalas Peak on Trinity Peninsula in Antarctica is named after the god.[3]


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