Derek Humble

Derek Humble (March 1930-22 February 1971) was an English jazz alto saxophonist.

Humble was born at Livingston, Durham, England and played professionally from his teenage years. He was working with Kathy Stobart by 1950 and played with Vic Lewis in 1951 and Jack Parnell in 1952. He worked with Ronnie Scott from 1953 until 1956 and recorded with Tony Crombie, Victor Feldman, Arnold Ross, Kenny Graham, and Jimmy Deuchar in the 1950s. He played with Oscar Rabin in 1956, then returned to duty under Scott for a tour of the United States.

Humble played with Kurt Edelhagen in Cologne from 1957 to 1967, in addition to recording with Heinz Kretschmar and Dusko Goykovich. He played with Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland in 1961, and soon after became the lead altoist with the Clarke-Boland Big Band. He toured with the group until 1968, when he was seriously injured in a mugging in Cologne; Phil Woods temporarily took over lead alto in Clarke-Boland while he recovered. He played with Gordon Beck in 1969, then returned to Clarke-Boland in 1970, though he was unable to make a full recovery. He played briefly with Phil Seamen in London shortly before his death in early 1971.


With Victor Feldman

With the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band


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