Der Yid

Der Yid
Type Weekly newspaper
Headquarters New York City
Circulation 50,000 (1998)[1]

Yiddish Journalism ייִדיש לעבט

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Der Yid (Yiddish: דער איד) is a New York-based Yiddish language weekly newspaper, founded in 1953. The newspaper is published by Satmar Hasidim, but is widely read within the broader Haredi community. It uses a Yiddish dialect common to Satmar Chasidim, as opposed to "YIVO Yiddish," which is standard in secular and academic circles.


Der Yid was founded in 1953 by Dr. Aaron Rosmarin as a fortnightly paper. He was formerly an editor of the Yiddish newspaper Der Morgn-Zhurnal ("The Morning Journal"). After the paper was bought out in 1953 by a rival Yiddish newspaper, Der Tog ("The Day"), forming the Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal ("The Day-Morning Journal"), he was laid off from the new company. Rosmarin decided to start his own newspaper.

Religiously observant, Dr. Rosmarin had run columns on the biographies of rabbis and Jewish customs while working for The Morning Journal. Under his influence, Der Yid was considered more sympathetic to Orthodox Judaism than the other major Yiddish newspapers of the time. The first editor of Der Yid was the writer Uriel Zimmer, publisher of an anti-Zionist tract.

In 1955, during a Satmar protest at Manhattan Center against the establishment of an Israeli night club in Jerusalem, The Krasna Rav, Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein publicly tore up a copy of Der Morgn-Zhurnal as a sign of disapproval of its pro-Zionist stance. Dr. Rosmarin responded with applause. He sold Der Yid to activist leaders of the Satmar community, including Sender Deutsch.[2]

Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, a Satmar, became the paper's guiding voice, firmly establishing Der Yid as a Haredi and anti-Zionist newspaper. He once approved an appeal for financial contributions to the newspaper on the night of Yom Kippur, as a counterweight to pro-Zionist financial appeals that were commonly held on Yom Kippur. The publication adheres to a strict interpretation of Tzniut that prohibits photographs of women on its pages.

In 1972, the paper was revamped by Rabbi Chaim Moshe Stauber as a weekly newspaper carrying world news.

It is currently owned by the supporters of Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, who are embroiled in a dispute over the succession to the Satmarer leadership. Der Yid, which is sold all over the world where Haredi Jews reside, has a weekly circulation of 12,500, the largest readership of all Yiddish weeklies.


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