Department of Health (Ireland)

Department of Health
Department overview
Formed 22 January 1947
Jurisdiction Ireland
Headquarters Hawkins House,
Hawkins Street, Dublin 2
53°20′48″N 6°15′23″W / 53.34667°N 6.25639°W / 53.34667; -6.25639
Minister responsible
Department executive

The Department of Health (Irish: An Roinn Sláinte) is a department of the Government of Ireland. The Department's mission is to "support, protect and empower individuals, families and their communities to achieve their full health potential by putting health at the centre of public policy and by leading the development of high quality, equitable and efficient health and personal social services." The Department is led by the Minister for Health who is assisted by four Ministers of State.

The department attracts much controversy particularly due to the HSE. Brian Cowen, the former Taoiseach referred to it as "Angola" clarifying "just when you've cleared one land mine another goes off".[1]

Departmental team

The official headquarters and ministerial offices of the department are in Hawkins House, Hawkins Street, Dublin 2. The departmental team consists of the following:


The Department of Health was created in 1947 with James Ryan as the first Minister. Prior to this the Department for Local Government and Public Health looked after Health issues. Over the years the Department's name has changed several times, however, the role of the Department has remained the same. The Department has been known as the following:


The role of the Department and Departmental team is to support the Minister and the democratic process by:

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