A departamento (Spanish pronunciation: [departaˈmento]) is a country subdivision in several Latin American countries, mostly as top-level subnational divisions (except in Argentina). It is usually simply translated as "department".

Current use

Ten countries currently have departamentos.

Country Level Num. Subdivisions
Argentina Argentina 2nd 378 municipios
Bolivia Bolivia 1st 9 provincias
Colombia Colombia 1st 32 municipios
El Salvador El Salvador 1st 14 municipios
Guatemala Guatemala 1st 22 municipios
Honduras Honduras 1st 18 municipios
Nicaragua Nicaragua 1st 15 municipios
Paraguay Paraguay 1st 17 municipios
Peru Peru 1st 24 municipios
Uruguay Uruguay 1st 19 municipios

Past use

Mexico in the 1830s was divided into 24 departamentos, which were first-level divisions. It was during an attempt to centralize the government.

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