Defence Medal 1940–1945

The Participation Medal 9 April 1940 - 8 May 1945
Awarded by Norway
Type War medal
Eligibility Military personnel and merchant sailors
Awarded for Participation in the defence of Norway 1940-1945
Status May still be awarded
Established 19 September 1945
Next (higher) King's Medal of Merit in Silver
Next (lower) H. M. The Kings Medal of Merit for Service in the Home Guard

Ribbon bar of the medal

The Participation Medal 9 April 1940 - 8 May 1945 (Norwegian: Deltagermedaljen 9. april 1940 - 8. mai 1945/Deltakarmedaljen 9. april 1940 - 8. mai 1945) is the award rewarded to those military and civilian personnel who participated in the fight against the German invasion and occupation of Norway between 1940 and 1945.

The Participation Medal can be awarded both to Norwegian and foreign citizens. The medal may still be awarded due to the large number of participants in the defence of Norway during World War II and the difficulties tracking down all eligible recipients.[1]

The medal is in bronze. On the obverse is the coat of arms with the inscription 9 April 1940 - 8 Mai 1945. On the reverse is the royal flag, the flag and national flag. Above these a narrow circle with the inscription DELTAGER I KAMPEN (Participant in the struggle). The image is surrounded by a chain. The band is in the Norwegian national colors. The band can be fitted with a rosette if the recipient has distinguished himself several times, for instance for those who participated in the battle of Norway in 1940. The medal is made by the goldsmith firm of J. Tostrup in Oslo.[2]

Qualification details

The medal was awarded to those meeting one of the following criteria:[1]

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