Deathwish Inc.

Deathwish Inc.

Founded 1999 (1999)
Founder Jacob Bannon, Tre McCarthy
Distributor(s) ADA, Revelation
Genre Hardcore punk, punk rock, extreme metal
Country of origin United States
Location Beverly, Massachusetts
Official website

Deathwish, Inc. is an independent record label founded by Jacob Bannon of Converge and Tre McCarthy.[1] In late 1999, McCarthy and Bannon decided to turn Deathwish into a full-fledged business.[2] Deathwish's first release was Deeper the Wound, a split album between Converge and Japanese band Hellchild in 2001. The label established itself quickly and began working with a diverse group of bands such as Boy Sets Fire, Jesuseater (former Swiz members), and Knives Out (former I Hate You members).

Along with traditional web and print advertising, Deathwish sponsors mixed martial arts athletes to bring visibility to their brand. Deathwish sponsors a number of well-known fighters, including: Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, Dan "The Upgrade" Lauzon, Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon, Toby "Tigerheart" Grear, and members of Team Sityodtong in Boston.

After having previously worked with RED Distribution, in March 2016 Deathwish signed a global deal with Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), an independent distribution label under Warner Music Group that has also partnered with other punk labels including Epitaph Records, Rise Records and Run for Cover Records.[3]

Related labels

Deathwish Inc's old circle-D logo.
Deathwish Inc's old font style logo.

In 1999, Linas Garsys and Tru Pray founded the hardcore punk independent record label Malfunction Records. Deathwish merged with Malfunction in August 2007, and originally announced that the two labels would still exist as separate entities with Malfunction acting as an imprint label and Deathwish's staff operating both businesses.[4][5] However, one of Malfunction's last releases was Bitter Ends' 2008 self-titled EP. Deathwish still distributes some of Malfunction's back catalog.

In 2012, Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré formed his own imprint label under Deathwish dubbed Secret Voice.[6][7]

In 2014, Jami Morgan of Code Orange along with Pat Kindlon of Self Defense Family formed their own imprint under Deathwish titled Harm Reduction Records.[8]

The label in the past has operated an imprint label Icarus Records, for more experimental and ambient sounding bands,[9] though it has been dormant for many years and only released albums from two artists.

In 2009, Deathwish expanded into independent music distribution offering exclusive and featured distribution of other record labels. Currently, Deathwish distributes many labels including: Closed Casket Activities, ConCult (Converge self-released titles), Discos Huelga, Grave Mistake Records, Nonbeliever, React! Records, Painkiller Records, Perfect Victim Records, Six Feet Under Records, State of Mind Recordings, and Vitriol Records.

Deathwish Fest

For two nights in July 2014, Deathwish hosted back-to-back concerts in Massachusetts featuring current and formerly signed bands of the label. Both nights featured headliners Converge and Trap Them, the first show had Modern Life is War, Doomriders, Cult Leader, Self Defense Family and Harm Wülf as openers; while the second night had Young and in the Way, Code Orange, Oathbreaker, New Lows and Chrome Over Brass (Alex Garcia-Rivera of Give Up the Ghost, Bloodhorse) as openers. The label also stated that this is the first of a series of events.[10] In May/June, the Deathwish Fest toured Europe for a 7-day gig featuring Converge, Trap Them, Harm's Way and Young and in the Way.[11]

Label discography

For a more comprehensive list, see Deathwish Inc. discography.

As of January 2015, Deathwish Inc's discography includes over 170 releases from over 90 different bands (including non-Deathwish artists featured on split releases). Its main discography most prominently features 10 releases from Converge, eight from Self Defense Family (End of a Year) and seven from Blacklisted.

In March 2014, Deathwish uploaded its entire catalog onto the music streaming/purchasing service, Bandcamp.[12]

Current artists

Former artists

Related labels artists

Malfunction artists (1999–2008)

Icarus artists (2003–2005)

Secret Voice artists (2012–present)

Harm Reduction artists (2014–present)


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