David I of Iberia

David I of Iberia
Prince of Iberia & Curopalates
Reign 876881
Predecessor Bagrat I of Iberia
Successor Gurgen I of Tao
Died 881
Issue Adarnase IV of Iberia
Dynasty Bagrationi dynasty
Father Bagrat I of Iberia
Religion Georgian Orthodox Church

David I (Georgian: დავით I) (died 881) was a Georgian Bagratid Prince and curopalates of Iberia/Kartli from 876 to 881.

The eldest son and successor of Bagrat I, he was baptised by the influential Georgian monk Grigol Khandzteli. David shared the Bagratid hereditary lands in Tao-Klarjeti with his uncles and cousins, his fiefdom being Lower Tao. In 881, David I was murdered by his cousin Nasra, the eldest son of Guaram Mampali. The medieval sources do not specify the reason behind this crime, but modern historians have followed Professor Ivane Javakhishvili in his observation that Nasra resented his father's decision to allot Guaram's holdings to their Bagratid relatives, and more specifically the establishment of the Liparitids in Trialeti under David's suzerainty. David's death led to an inter-dynastic feud under David's only son Adarnase, who eventually, in 888, avenged the killing of his father.[1]


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Preceded by
Bagrat I
Prince of Iberia & Curopalates
Succeeded by
Gurgen I
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