Dave Cohen (writer)

Dave Cohen is a writer for television and radio, as well as a columnist for The Huffington Post. He has written for Have I Got News For You and contributes musically to the award-winning and hugely popular Horrible Histories.



Cohen is a prolific writer for television and radio as well as contributing columns to NME, Chortle and The Huffington Post.[1]

He has written for BBC Radio 4 including The Best of British, Dead Ringers which won a Sony Gold Award 2001, The Sunday Format, The News Quiz and 15 Minute Musical[2] which he was also a co-creator and won the 2009 Writer's Guild Best Radio Comedy Show, to name a few. He also wrote for BBC Radio 5's The Treatment and They Came From Nowhere.

Cohen has written for a number of television shows including the Rory Bremner Show, Spitting Image, Eleven O'Clock Show, Not Going Out and My Family.[3] He has been a long time writer for Have I Got News For You and Horrible Histories which has won a variety of awards including Best Sketch Show, Best Comedy Show at the Children's BAFTAs and Best British Comedy Show.[4]

He was a columnist for NME/The Face in 1984-5, The Guardian in 2009 and has been writing for The Huffington Post since 2011.[5]

Theatre, film and television performance

Cohen began performing in 1984, at Edinburgh Fringe as a stand-up comedian. He was nominated for a Perrier Comedy Award for Tuxedo Junta, which he wrote and performed with Paul B. Davies. He went on to co-found The Comedy Store Players[6] and was a member of Comedy Store Cutting Edge. From 1994-2000 he occasionally performed for Guns'n'Moses. After nearly a decade of absence, he returned to perform in My Life As A Footnote and most recently, in 2012, performed Songs in A Flat.[7]

In television, Cohen has acted in 15 Storeys High[8] and Sixty Six and in 2004 was in Suzie Gold.


From 1991 through to 1999, Cohen contributed to BBC Radio 1's Loose Talk and Songlines, of which he was co-creator. He was also a recurring guest for BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends. His own series, Travels With My Anti Semitism, appeared in 1999.


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