Dauí Tenga Uma

Dauí Tenga Uma mac Briúin (died 500)[1] was a King of Connacht from the Uí Briúin branch of the Connachta.


He was the son of the ancestor of this branch Brión and grandson of the high-king Echu Mugmedón.[2] He appears to be the same person as Dauí Galach mentioned in the genealogies. Prof.Byrne believes the early Uí Briúin genealogies to be fabrications and that these two were the same person.[3] He succeeded Ailill Molt of the Ui Fiachrach (died 484) as king.

Keating gives the story of Daui's conversion to Christianity by Saint Patrick. Brion had had twenty four sons and, at the time of Patrick, the son named Eichen was their leader. Eichen refused to meet Patrick, however Daui (the youngest son) paid respect to Patrick who gave him his blessing and promised him and his descendants the sovereignty. Patrick was then present at Daui's inauguration as King of Connaught at Carn Fraoich (Carnfree,Co.Roscommon).[4]

Keating mentions two marital relations of his family:

In 500 Daui was defeated and slain at the Battle of Segsa (Seghais or Boyle River) by his own son-in-law Muirchertach mac Ercae. The annals record that the war was caused by his daughter Duinseach.


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