Date and time notation in Bahrain

In Bahrain they use both the Gregorian and Islamic calendars in government transactions. Short dates are written in "Day/month/year" from; when writing in Arabic and English:

For Gregorian calendar: ١٦/١٢/٢٠١٣ميلادي or 16/12/2013.

For Islamic calendar: ١٠/١/١٤٣٤هجري

Long dates start with day, followed by month and ended with year:

For Gregorian calendar: ١٦/ديسمبر/٢٠١٣ميلادي or 16/Dec/2013.

For Islamic calendar: ١٠/محرم/١٤٣٤هجري


Official time is indicated with the 12-hour clock system; however, a 24-hour clock system is also used. Bahrain is in the Asian time zone AST – UTC+03:00 Arabia standard time.

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