Darren Watts

Darren Watts (born February 17, 1969) is one of the founders (along with game designer Steve Long) of DOJ Inc. and the president of Hero Games, publishers of roleplaying games using the Hero System such as Champions, Fantasy Hero and Star Hero.


Darren Watts named his company DOJ, after his golden age Champions game, the Defenders of Justice. On December 19, 2001, DOJ bought the Hero Games rights and assets from Cybergames, Inc.[1] Watts is the president and co-owner of Hero Games.[2] He wrote or co-wrote (among others) Champions Universe, Millennium City, UNTIL: Defenders Of Freedom, Champions Worldwide, and Lucha Hero, the RPG of Mexican wrestling and monster movies.[2]

Darren currently works as a consultant for the Double Exposure family of conventions- currently four (Metatopia, Dreamation, Dexcon and Maelstrom) as well as the First Exposure Playtest Hall at Gencon. He also has a supplement for the Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space: The Roleplaying Game featuring the Fifth Doctor in the works for Cubicle 7.

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