Danish Ministry of Transport

Danish Ministry of Transport
Department overview
Formed 1892
Preceding Department
Jurisdiction Denmark
Headquarters Copenhagen
Employees 135[1]
Annual budget €18.77 million (current)[2]
Department executives
Website www.trm.dk/en.aspx

The Danish Ministry of Transport (Danish: Transportministeriet) in the Danish ministry in charge of coordinating and realizing the transport politics of Denmark.

The Ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary. The Ministry of Transport has approx 140 staff.

The daily administration and handling of tasks and assignments on transport are carried out by a number of institutions, executive agencies, corporations, councils and boards. Counting every institution and every corporation the Ministry employs around 40.000 people


The Ministry of Transport was founded in 1892 under the name Ministry for Public Works ("Ministeriet for offentlige Arbejder"). In 1987 it changed name to Ministry of Traffic ("Trafikministeriet"), though briefly known as Ministry of Traffic and Communication ("Trafik- og Kommunikationsministeriet") during 1988 to 1989. In 2005 the energy sector was detached from Ministry of the Environment and attached to the Ministry of Traffic. In turn, the name was changed to Ministry of Transport and Energy; the energy department was transferred to what is now known as the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy in 2007.

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