Danish Medical Association

Full name Danish Medical Association
Native name Den Almindelige Danske Lægeforening
Members 26,235
Affiliation AC
Key people Mads Henrik Koch Hansen, Chairman
Jens Winther Jensen, President
Jette Hansen Dam
Michael Dupont
Carl Johan F. Erichsen
Bruno A.Melgaard Jensen
Anja Ulrike Mitchell
Lise Møller
Camilla Noelle Rathcke
Andreas Rudkjøbing
Mads Skippe
Office location Copenhagen, Denmark
Country Denmark
Website www.laeger.dk

The Danish Medical Association (DADL) is a trade union in Denmark. It has a membership of 21,800, and is affiliated with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.[1] Since 1954, it has published the medical journal Danish Medical Journal, which was originally named Danish Medical Bulletin until 2012.


The Danish Medical Association began in town of Korsor on the island of Zeeland, on September 1, 1857, after many informal meetings over the prior 6 years attended by many "provincial doctors" from around the nation. According to an article published in the British Medical Journal in 1957, " The D.M.A.'s present objects, as revised in 1935, are (1) to unite Danish doctors in watching over the interests of the profession, and (2) to act as the organ by which the medical profession exerts its influence on problems affecting the community in general." [2]

List of other organizations

Danish Medical Association is the main organization which has a number of physician associations under its umbrella:[1]


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