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Danielle Howle (born in Columbia, South Carolina) is an American singer-songwriter.


After releasing an early song on a Columbia, SC music sampler, she joined the Columbia band Lay Quiet Awhile, which had been formed by brothers Dan and Phil Cook in 1989 and had released two EPs. Joining them for their first full-length album, Delicate Wire, Danielle's stage-presence quickly became a focal point for the group. Touring in support of such disparate artists as Fugazi and Indigo Girls, the band quickly began amassing critical acclaim, and Daemon Records re-released their album. When the group disbanded, Howle embarked on a solo career, beginning with a live album recorded at the University of South Carolina's McKissick Museum. She soon formed the backing band The Tantrums, featuring John Furr on guitar and Bryan Williams on bass (both formerly members of the band Blightobody), and Troy Tague on drums, who was once a drummer for Lay Quiet Awhile and now plays for Iron & Wine. Dan Cook, meanwhile, formed another critically acclaimed band, The Verna Cannon.

Howle has earned comparisons to Flannery O'Connor, Patsy Cline, and Nina Simone. She has earned praise from Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, who released four of her albums on her indie label Daemon Records, and tapped her for backup on 2 songs on her 2001 solo album "Stag." Ani DiFranco called Howle "a melodically nimble being." She has toured with DiFranco, the Indigo Girls, and Elliott Smith, and played some second-stage dates on Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair, as well as opening for Bob Dylan in Columbia. She has also released records on Simple Machines, Edisto Records, and Kill Rock Stars.

In 2001, she began doing educational shows and programming at high schools and universities around the country, including Penn State University and the College of Charleston. Her songs have also been included in documentaries and other films, including "The Station Agent," and "Intentions." Together with Tom Shaner, they sang a duet for the main track of a film called "Glissando." [1]

In 2010, Howle started producing records. She produced the album "Tripping Over Nothing" by NY band A Fragile Tomorrow, and produced the album "Sleeping Lion" for Myrtle Beach band Ten Toes Up.[2]


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