Daniel Thrap

Daniel Thrap was the vicar of Sofienberg Church in Sofienbergparken (1880 to 1902)

Daniel Smith Thrap (18 September 1832 20 March 1913) was a Norwegian priest and church historian.

Daniel Thrap was born at Aker in Oslo. He graduated with his cand.theol. degree in 1856. He worked in Bergen at the Bergen Cathedral and as chaplain for the Bergen prison system from 1857 to 1876. He was pastor in Modum in Buskerud from 1876 to 1880. From 1880 to 1902, he was vicar at Sofienberg Church (formerly Paulus kirke) in Sofienbergparken within the district of Grünerløkka in Oslo.[1]

Thrap wrote a number of biographies and published collections of sermon. He also wrote a number of articles for newspapers in both Bergen and Oslo. Additionally he edited the magazine Zuluvennen, a publication for Norwegian mission churches. His notable works include Bidrag til den norske Kirkes Historie i det nittende Aarhundrede. which consisted of two volumes, released in 1884 and 1890.[2]

Thrap was a brother-in-law of civil servant Jochum Johansen.[3]

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