Dama y obrero (American telenovela)

Dama y obrero

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Genre Telenovela
Created by Original Story and Screenplay
José Ignacio Valenzuela
Adaptation for Telemundo
Sandra Velasco
Developed by Telemundo Television Studios
Directed by Vicente Albarracín
Jaime Segura
Starring Ana Layevska
José Luis Reséndez
Fabián Ríos
Felicia Mercado
Kendra Santacruz
Opening theme "El guardián de tu vida" by Roberto Tapia
Ending theme "Voy a regalarte un millón de estrellas" by Roberto Tapia
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 81 (U.S. version) [1]
115 (international version)[2][3]
Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcarcel Carroll
Jairo Arcila Murillo
Producer(s) Gema Lombardi Ortín
Location(s) Los Ángeles, Beverly Hills, East LA, Santa Mónica, Malibu
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original network Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release June 24 (2013-06-24) – October 18, 2013 (2013-10-18)
Preceded by Pasión prohibida
Followed by Marido en alquiler
Related shows Dama y obrero (2012)
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Dama y obrero (Lit: Lady and Worker / English: Labour of Love) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami. It is a remake of the Chilean telenovela of the same title produced by TVN in 2012.[4] Ana Layevska and José Luis Reséndez stars as the protagonists, while Fabián Ríos, Felicia Mercado and Sofía Lama stars as the antagonists.

On June 24, 2013, Telemundo broadcast Dama y Obrero, replacing Pasión Prohibida.[5] The last episode was broadcast on October 18, as part of Telemundo's changes in prime-time programming, and because of low ratings.[6] On October 21, 2 hours of Marido en Alquiler have been temporarily broadcast weeknights at 8pm/7c.[7] As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


Ignacia (Ana Layevska) is a young engineer working at a large construction company, Omega Construction, which is owned by Tomás Villamayor (Fabián Ríos), her boyfriend. They spend much time together and, finally, decide to get married, but Ignacia misconceives the kind of person Tomás really is. Shortly before their wedding, they have a very strong fight in which Tomas tries to hit her (a strike which is foiled by the intervention of Pedro), which makes Ignacia leave the town and take her time for reflection. This is, when she meets Pedro o Pérez (Jose Luis Resendez), a simple laborer without money and big aspirations, who makes her forget all her problems. The attraction between the two is immediate and mutual (love at first sight). They cannot avoid spending a memorable weekend together, which ends on a Sunday afternoon by when the two are madly in love with each other. But Ignacia knows that, what she is experiencing is a dream, a parenthesis in her life. So when Pedro awakes on Monday morning, he finds a note at his side saying that Ignacia thanks him, and she is leaving without a trace. On Ignacia's return home, Tomás is awaiting her with the news that he is offering her a new position in his company, and he is looking for her forgiveness. She agrees but gets surprised when she comes to the work place in her position of construction supervisor, to see Pedro as a worker at the construction site. Despite having every reason in the world not to be together, Ignacia and Pedro discover that their love persists over all prejudices, differences, rejection and the many, sometimes cruel, obstacles raised by others who want to see them apart.


Actor Character
Ana Layevska Ignacia Santamaría "La Dama"
José Luis Reséndez Pedro Pérez "El Obrero"
Fabián Ríos Tomás Villamayor
Felicia Mercado Estela Mendoza
Kendra Santacruz Isabel Jimenez García
Shalim Ortiz José Manuel Correal
Sofia Lama Mireya Gomez
Diana Quijano Gina Pérez
Leonardo Daniel Mariano Santamaría
Alex Ruiz Christopher Melquíades Godínez Capito "Neto"
Óscar Priego Rubén Santamaría
Christina DieckmannKarina Cuervo
Mónica Sánchez-Navarro Margarita Pérez
Tina Romero Alfonsina de Mendoza
Riccardo Dalmacci Olegario Próculo Gómez
Angeline Moncayo Gemma Pacheco Maldonado
Carolina Ayala Guadalupe "Lupita" Pérez
Roberto Plantier Ángel Jimenez García
Lilian Tapia Gina Pérez / Berta Suárez
Rosalinda Rodríguez Petra García
Luis Gerardo López Gerardo Vargas
Jose Alberto Torres C. Miguel Porras
Ernesto Faxas Emilio Jiménez "El Duro"
Guillermo Quintanilla Prudencio Gomez
Héctor Fuentes Enrique Molina
Patricia Carolina Ramos Zafiro
Victoria del Rosal Candy
Marcia Jones BrangoBarbara Camacho "Barbie"
Álvaro Ardila Lorenzo
Alexander Torres El Ratón
Osvaldo Strongoli Ernesto Villamayor
Yaidan Lemus Juancho

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2013 Premios People en Español[8][9]
Best Telenovela José Ignacio Valenzuela Nominated
Best Actress Ana Layevska Nominated
2014 Miami Life Award[10]
Best Telenovela José Ignacio Valenzuela Nominated[10]
Best Actress Ana Layevska Nominated[10]
Best Supporting Actress Diana Quijano Nominated[10]
Tina Romero Nominated[10]
First Best Actress Felicia Mercado Nominated[10]
Best Supporting Actor Riccardo Dalmacci Nominated[10]
Best young actress Sofía Stamatiades Nominated[10]
Best Young Actor Nicolas Oyuzun Nominated[10]
Premios Tu Mundo[11][12][13][14]
First Actress Felicia Mercado Nominated[13][14]
Best Bad Luck Moment When they find out he has a sister Nominated[13][14]


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