Dal Negro

Dal Negro
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1756 (1756)
Founder Teodomiro Dal Negro
Headquarters Carbonera, Treviso, Italy
Products Playing cards, tarot cards, poker chips, roulette wheels, children's toys
Number of employees
57 (2013)[1]
Website Dalnegro.com

Dal Negro is an Italian company that produces playing cards, tarot cards, divination cards, chess, backgammon, roulette wheels, and toys for children.

The company has its registered office, from 2002, in Carbonera in the Treviso area.

Its origins date back to 1756, as a factory of playing cards, owned by an Austrian situated in the city of Treviso.[2] It was purchased in 1928 by Dal Negro family. For decades it had several locations in the town of Treviso, before arriving in the new location. In 2003, it bought rival Masenghini but has kept the brands separate. The following year, it acquired Milan-based NTP, which produces plastic playing cards.

In recent years the company has increased the production of Tarot decks, which also include a deck made by the Nobel Prize for Literature, Dario Fo.

Tarot by Dal Negro


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