Daisy Diamond

Daisy Diamond
Directed by Simon Staho
Starring Noomi Rapace
Release dates
23 November 2007
Running time
94 minutes
Country Denmark
Language Danish, Swedish, English
Budget $1 million

Daisy Diamond is a 2007 Danish film, directed by Simon Staho and co-written by him and Peter Asmussen.


Dark and tragic, the story revolves around teenager Anna (Noomi Rapace), a pretty girl from a wealthy family, who's also fiercely ambitious and dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. One day Anna decides to pack her bags and leave without telling her mother or father. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream. However when she gets to the city fate has something else in store for her. Anna discovers she will soon become a mother. Later, after giving birth to baby girl, she tries to chase after her dream once again. Undoubtedly talented, She has one problem – being the single mother of a now 4-month-old baby. Though she struggles to give her daughter a good start in life, she ultimately fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe and loving environment for her child, Torn between her duties as a mother and her passion for acting and the need to earn money, Anna is driven to the limits of her patience - with tragic consequences. What follows is a downward spiral into the world of the casting couch, porn films and escort work.



Daisy Diamond received mixed reviews. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 63% rating.

Despite mixed reviews, The film was selected for the main competition at the San Sebastián International Film Festival and Rapace won acclaim for her portrayal of troubled teen mother Anna. According to Variety, “Rapace delivers a superbly committed performance in a demanding role, the actress having to expose herself physically and emotionally.” She won the two top film awards in Denmark (the Bodil and Robert prize) for Best Actress for her role in the film.

Trine Dyrholm was also nominated for both the Bodil and Robert awards for her supporting role as Eva.

Yet, The film did receive criticism for the supposed abuse occurring to a baby actor during production.[1]


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