Daemon Records

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Daemon Records
Founded 1990
Founder Amy Ray
Distributor(s) Koch
Genre Folk rock, pop punk, rock music
Country of origin United States
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Official website www.daemonrecords.com

Daemon Records is an Atlanta, Georgia based, not-for-profit independent record label started by musician Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. The label is run mostly by the musicians who record on it.

According to Amy, "Daemon Records is a not-for-profit label that was conceived as a vehicle to allow recording artists to express their artistic vision without the confines and restrictions of the traditional corporate rock label. Daemon is not only run from the artist's perspective, it is run by a staff of artists. My purpose in creating the Daemon label was to help break down the barriers within the music community, while providing an opportunity for musicians to create and control their own recordings within a free and nurturing environment."

Artists who have released albums with Daemon Records include Amy Ray herself, Rose Polenzani, Danielle Howle, Nineteen Forty-Five, Girlyman, New Mongrels, Magnapop, David Rovics and spoken word duo Athens Boys Choir.

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