Dacian fortress of Tilișca

Dacian fortress of Tilișca

Tower house, the main building of this site
Shown within Romania
Location Cățânaș Hill, Tilișca, Sibiu, Romania
Coordinates 45°48′08″N 23°50′54″E / 45.8023°N 23.8483°E / 45.8023; 23.8483Coordinates: 45°48′08″N 23°50′54″E / 45.8023°N 23.8483°E / 45.8023; 23.8483
Altitude 700 m (2,297 ft)
Founded c. 300 BC
Abandoned c. 106 AD
Site notes
Condition Ruined
Reference no. SB-I-s-A-12008 [1]

It was a Dacian fortified town.

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