Da'an District, Taichung

Coordinates: 24°21′55″N 120°35′25″E / 24.365237°N 120.590202°E / 24.365237; 120.590202

Da'an District
Municipality Taichung
Country Taiwan
  Total 27.4045 km2 (10.5809 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
  Total 19,533
  Density 710/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zone CST (UTC+8)

Da'an District (Chinese: 大安區; pinyin: Dà'ān Qū) is a coastal suburban district in Taichung, Taiwan, upgraded from Da-an Township. It lies between the Dajia river and the Da-an river.

The district's economy is based on rice.

The climate is sub-tropical.


In January 1842, during the First Opium War, the British made an unsuccessful attempt to capture Da'an Harbour.[1]

Administrative divisions

Nanpu Village, Nanzhuang Village, Zhongzhuang Village, Tungan Village, Fuxing Village, Guike Village, Dingan Village, Yongan Village, Fuzhu Village, Haiqi Village, Xian Village, Songya Village.[2]

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