dZihan & Kamien

dZihan & Kamien
Origin Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Switzerland, Germany
Genres Downtempo
Trip hop
Years active 1996–2010
Labels Couch Records, Six Degrees Records
Members Vlado Dzihan
Mario Kamien

dZihan & Kamien (/ˈhɑːn ən ˈkæmi.ɛn/ "Gee-hahn and Kammy-an") are a downtempo house and acid jazz music duo based in Vienna, Austria. Their sound has been described as having "jazzy texture, trip-hop rhythms and Eastern ambience."[1] Their first production single, Der Bauch, released in 1996 under the name MC Sultan, was popular in European clubs and was included on several compilations.

dZihan & Kamien's debut album, Freaks & Icons, was released in 2000 on their label, Couch Records. The group followed their debut with two more albums, Refreaked in 2001 and Gran Riserva, with a more jazzy sound, in 2002. All three albums were released in the US under the label of Six Degrees Records.


Vlado dZihan, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was raised in a musical family and was known in the local scene as a drummer. He recorded music for the film Arizona Dream, starring Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway. Mario Kamien, German-born and raised in Switzerland, met dZihan while they were studying in Vienna.[2] Both were interested in traditional Arabic music and Trip hop,[2] and combined their interests and musical backgrounds in the production of their first album, Freaks & Icons.

On October 16, 2010 dZihan & Kamien announced in an e-mail and on their website that they planned to break up. They announced the release of their last album, "Lost and Found," a collection of B-sides, exclusives and other unreleased tracks from 1998–2003. The duo wrote "all good things come to an end, and while our personal musical tastes have developed in different directions, we have decided to follow the nature of being artists and move on. Before we do so, there are Lost and Found items that we would like to share with our fans around the globe."




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