D46 road (Croatia)

D46 state road shield

D46 state road
Route information
Length: 73.0 km (45.4 mi)
Major junctions
From: D7 in Đakovo
  D518 near Vinkovci
D55 in Vinkovci
D57 in Orolik
To: Tovarnik border crossing to Serbia
Serbian route 120
Counties: Vukovar-Srijem, Osijek-Baranja
Major cities: Đakovo, Vinkovci
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Đakovo, on the western terminus of the D46 road
Vinkovci, next to the D46 road route
D46 road in Banovci
St. Petka's Church, Banovci next to the D46 road route

D46 state road in the eastern part of Croatia connects the cities and towns of Đakovo and Vinkovci to the state road network of Croatia, and to the border with Serbia.[maps 1] The road is 73.0 km (45.4 mi) long.[1]The route comprises some urban intersections, mostly in the cities Đakovo and Vinkovci, though it bypasses most of the latter city and is planned to bypass it completely.

The D46 state road starts in the Osijek-Baranja County in the region of Slavonia, enters the Vukovar-Srijem County and intersects it orthogonally to the D55 state road, ending in the region of Syrmia.

The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, state-owned company.[2]

Traffic volume

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, operator of the road.[3]

D46 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
D46 3708 Stari Mikanovci 3,287 3,491 Between the Ž4133 and Ž4166 junctions.
D46 3709 Vođinci 3,255 3,532 Between the Ž4166 and Ž4167 junctions.
D46 3722 Vinkovci bypass 1,998 2,061 Between the D518 and D55 junctions.
D46 3711 Srijemske Laze 3,390 3,736 Adjacent to the Ž4150 junction.
D46 3712 Orolik 2,346 2,701 Adjacent to the D57 junction.
D46 3804 Ilača - west 1,375 1,741 Adjacent to the Ž4197 junction.
D46 3810 Tovarnik 1,166 1,374 Between the Ž4150 junction and the border crossing.

Road junctions and populated areas

D46 junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
D7 to Osijek (to the north) and to Slavonski Šamac (to the south).
Ž4146 connection to D7
The western terminus of the road.[4]
Stari Mikanovci
Ž4133 to Vrbica, Kešinci.
Ž4202 to Strizivojna, Bartolovci (D525).
Novi Mikanovci
Ž4166 to Retkovci and Andrijaševci.
Ž4167 to Retkovci, Prkovci, Šiškovci, Cerna.
D518 to Jarmina and Osijek (D2).
To Vinkovci via Alojzija Stepinca Street.
Vinkovci bypass.
To Vinkovci via Hansa Dietricha Genschera Street.
Vinkovci bypass.
D55 to Županja and the A3 motorway Županja interchange[5] (to the south).
The D46 and D55 state roads are concurrent to the north. End of the Vinkovci bypass, as of 2014.
D55 to Vukovar (D2) (to the north).
The D46 and D55 state roads are concurrent to the south.
Ž4150 to Stari Jankovci, Petrovci and Vukovar.
Ž4194 to Novi Jankovci.
Srijemske Laze
D57 to Negoslavci and Vukovar.
The D46 and D57 state roads are concurrent to the east.
D57 to Nijemci and A3 motorway Lipovac interchange.
The D46 and D57 state roads are concurrent to the west.
Ž4197 to Čakovci.
Ž4173 to Sotin
Ž4233 to Nijemci (D57).
Tovarnik border crossing.[6]
The eastern terminus of the road.[7]
Serbian route 120 to Šid.


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