Désirée (potato)

Désirée potatoes

The Désirée potato is a red-skinned main-crop potato originally bred in the Netherlands in 1962. It has yellow flesh with a distinctive flavour and is a favourite with allotment-holders because of its resistance to drought, and is fairly resistant to disease.[1] It is a versatile, fairly waxy variety which is firm and holds its shape, and is useful for all methods of cooking, from roasting to mashing and salads.

Resistances of specific diseases for this variety are as followed, this variety is immune to potato wart and it is resistant to skin spot. It has good resistance to PYV, tuber late blight and blackleg, it also has moderate resistance to PVA, PVX and fusarium dry rot. It is found to be moderately susceptible to leaf late blight and leaf roll, also it is susceptible to common scab. [2]


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