Dáire mac Dedad

Dáire mac Dedad (Dáire, son of Deda mac Sin) is the eponymous ancestor of the Dáirine of Munster and father of the legendary Cú Roí mac Dáire. These further associate him with the prehistoric Darini of Ulster.[1] He is probably identical with Dáire Doimthech (Sírchrechtach), an ancestor of the Corcu Loígde. As such he is a common ancestor of several prominent dynasties of the so-called Érainn, including the Dál Fiatach of Ulster.[2]

His brother, whom Dáire is said to have succeeded as King of Munster, was Íar mac Dedad, ancestor of Eterscél Mór, father of the legendary monarch Conaire Mór.[3]

T. F. O'Rahilly did not see Dáire as distinct from his son, stating that "Cú Roí and Dáire are ultimately one and the same".[4]

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