Czech rail records

Reconstructed portion of the České Budějovice - Linz railway in Austria
Kubova Huť, the highest railway station
Viaduct Červená nad Vltavou under construction (1889)
Locomotive T 499.0002 (759.002)

Czech rail records, dates in brackets indicate when the record was reached or when the railway infrastructure was put into operation.

First horse-drawn railway
Railway České Budějovice - Linz, first public railway in continental Europe, with length 120 km and rail gauge 1,106 mm (3 ft 7 12 in), section České Budějovice - Kerschbaum put into operation on September 30, 1828,[1] the rest opened on August 1, 1832.

First railway (steam powered)
First section of the North railway from Vienna to Břeclav and its branch from Břeclav to Brno (July 7, 1839)

Maximum gradient of a rail line
Gradient 57 ‰ on cog railway Tanvald-Kořenov[1] (June 30, 1902)

The lowest railway station
Station Dolní Žleb, 127 m above sea level, on cross-border line Děčín-Bad Schandau in valley of the Elbe River[1] (April 8, 1851)

The highest railway station
Station Kubova Huť, 990 m above sea level, on line Strakonice-Volary[1] (October 15, 1893)

The longest tunnel
Březno tunnel, 1758 m long, on line Prague-Chomutov (April 1, 2007) which surpassed Špičák tunnel, 1747.25 m long, on line Plzeň-Železná Ruda (October 20, 1877).

The longest bridge/viaduct
Negrelli viaduct (also called Karlín viaduct), 1111 m long, on rail section Prague Masaryk station-Prague Bubny (June 1, 1850)

Bridge with the highest span
Most míru (Dolní Loučky), span 110 m, line Břeclav-Havlíčkův Brod (December 20, 1953)

The highest bridge/viaduct
Viaduct Červená nad Vltavou, 68 m high, line Tábor-Ražice (November 21, 1889)

The highest operating line speed
Speed 160 km/h in sections of transit corridors I. and II.

The fastest electric rail vehicle
Unit ČD 680.001 Pendolino reached top speed 237 km/h between Brno and Břeclav (November 18, 2004)

The fastest electric locomotive
Locomotive 469.4 ČSD, reached top speed 219 km/h on railway test circuit Velim (September 5, 1972).[2] Czech built locomotive Skoda Chs200 reach top speed 262 km/h on Oktyabrskaya Railway in Russia (December 2, 2006).[3]

The fastest diesel rail vehicle
Locomotive T 499.0002 (759.002), nicknamed Cyclop, reached top speed 178 km/h on railway test circuit Velim (July 21, 1975)

The fastest steam locomotive
Locomotive 498.106 ČSD, nicknamed Albatross, reached top speed 162 km/h on railway test circuit Velim (August 27, 1964)[4]


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