Cyngen ap Cadell

King of Powys
Reign 808 – 855 AD
Predecessor Cadell
Successor Rhodri Mawr
Born ca.790 AD
Died 855 AD
Rome, Italy
Issue Gruffydd
House Gwertherion
Father Cadell

Cyngen ap Cadell (English: Cyngen son of Cadell) or also (Concenn[1]), was King of Powys from 808 until his death in 855 during a pilgrimage to Rome.


Cyngen was of the line of Brochwel Ysgithrog, after a long reign as king of Powys he went on a pilgrimage to Rome and died there in 855. He is thought to be the first Welsh ruler to visit Rome after the healing of the breach between the Welsh branch of the Celtic Church and Rome over the date of Easter.

Cyngen raised a pillar, originally a round-shafted cross,[1] in memory of his great-grandfather Elisedd ap Gwylog which stands near the later abbey of Valle Crucis. This memorial had a lengthy inscription[1] and is known as the Pillar of Eliseg owing to a typographical mistake by the original carver.

Cyngen was the last of the original line of kings of Powys. He had three sons, but on his death Powys was annexed by Rhodri Mawr, ruler of Gwynedd who claimed it as the son of Cyngen's sister, Nest ferch Cadell.

Cyngen had the following children:

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Preceded by
Cadell ap Brochfael
King of Powys
Succeeded by
Rhodri Mawr
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