Curio cabinet

For the term denoting a collection of unusual objects and the room-sized area containing them, see Cabinet of curiosities.

A curio (or curio cabinet) is a predominantly glass cabinet with a metal or wood framework used to display collections of figurines or other objects that share some common theme. Most curios have glass on each side, or possibly a mirror at the back, and glass shelves to show the entire figurine. A curio may also be used to display a single crafted doll or other object of special interest.

A curio prevents dust and vermin from destroying the value of the collection. Often, a locked door or removable panel allows the collection to be seen, while protecting it from damage or theft.

A curio is a specialised type of display case. Commonly a display case is horizontal, to display artefacts for sale on top of a felt background. By contrast, a curio is usually vertical to show standing items, and usually has no bottom lining.

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