Cultural depictions of Richard I of England

Richard I of England has been depicted many times in romantic fiction and popular culture.

Robin Hood

The Scots philosopher and chronicler John Mair was the first to associate Richard with the Robin Hood legends in his Historia majoris Britannae, tam Angliae quam Scotiae (1521). In the earliest Robin Hood ballads the only king mentioned is "Edward our comely king", most probably Edward II or Edward III. However, Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe popularised Mair's linking of the Hood legends to Richard's reign, and it was taken up by later novelists and by cinema. Typically Robin is depicted upholding justice in Richard's name against John and his officials during the king's imprisonment.

Other literature

Richard has appeared frequently in fiction, as a result of the 'chivalric revival' of the Romantic era.



Richard has been portrayed on film by:


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Richard is played by Ed Stoppard in Mike Walker's BBC Radio 4 series Plantagenet (2010).

Video games

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