Cuando los hijos se van (telenovela)

This article is about the 1983 telenovela. For the list of productions of the same name, see Cuando los hijos se van.
Cuando los hijos se van
Genre Telenovela
Written by Norberto Vieyra
Directed by Héctor Bonilla
Starring Saby Kamalich
Raúl Ramírez
Alejandro Camacho
Enrique Rocha
Silvia Pasquel
Anabel Ferreira
Roberto Ballesteros
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
Executive producer(s) Silvia Pinal
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release 1983 – 1983
Preceded by Gabriel y Gabriela
Followed by Bodas de odio
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Cuando los hijos se van (1968 film)

Cuando los hijos se van (English title: When the kids leave) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Silvia Pinal for Televisa in 1983.[1]

Saby Kamalich and Raúl Ramírez starred as protagonists, while Roberto Ballesteros starred as main antagonist.


Julio and Francisca have a strong marriage and five grown children, and there are problems: Teresa, when I was young and naive, fell in love with Álvaro, a married man, but 10 years later can not maintain the facade facing the family and confesses everything. However, although Álvaro is leaving, she can not; your love is true and completely mutual.

Kiko, another son, uses and abuses Susana's love, who loves him dearly. He turns his back to love, only to receive financial support from it, but then becomes the hunted hunter as falls in love with Susan. But Kiko has made too many mistakes in his life and thinks it would be unfair to tie Susana a man like him. Hilda has a perfect romance: love Jorge, a good young, professional and very correct, a white wedding and irreproachable life.

For Ignacio, love is a reckoning with himself. He gains confidence in himself, begins his terrible resolve their inferiority complex internal problems. Behind this is Claudia, a girl who loves him for the beauty of his spirit. Maria Graciela is in love for the first time, with Ricardo. She is all passionate kisses, languishing glances, sighs loudly and tantrums, but is it really love or infatuation?


  • Saby Kamalich as Francisca Mendoza
  • Raúl Ramírez as Julio Mendoza
  • Silvia Pasquel as Teresa Mendoza
  • Enrique Rocha as Álvaro
  • Alejandro Camacho as Ignacio Mendoza
  • Anabel Ferreira as Hilda Mendoza
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Julio Francisco "Kiko" Mendoza
  • Rosenda Monteros as Aunt Elvira
  • Margarita Sanz as Rebeca
  • Mónica Prado as Susana
  • Mercedes Olea as María Graciela Mendoza
  • Jorge Pais as Damián
  • Crystal as Claudia
  • Claudio Báez as Jorge Guerra
  • Demian Bichir as Ricardo
  • Simone Brook as Martha
  • Eloísa Capdevilla as Doña Matilde
  • Deborah Conde as Dominga
  • Alfonso Barclay as Alfonso
  • Alejandra Guzmán as Alejandra
  • Luis Enrique Guzmán as Chito
  • Raúl Marcelo as Abel
  • Carmen Rodríguez as Diana
  • Lucero Lander as Lolita
  • Uriel Chávez as Vicente
  • Judith Velasco Herrera as Vicente's wife
  • Sara Guasch


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