Cuando los hijos pecan

Cuando los hijos pecan
Directed by Joselito Rodríguez
Produced by Luis Manrique
Written by Mauricio Magdaleno (story)
Carlos Orellana
Starring Meche Barba
Silvia Pinal
Jaime Fernández
Rafael Banquells
Fernando Fernández
Music by Sergio Guerrero
Cinematography Ignacio Torres
Edited by Juan José Marino
Release dates
20 November 1952 (Mexico)
Running time
100 min
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Cuando los hijos pecan (When Children Sin) also known as Cabaretera (Cabaret Woman) is a 1952 Mexican film. It was directed by Joselito Rodríguez and starring Meche Barba and Silvia Pinal.


Don Evaristo (Carlos Orellana), is a widower with two daughters Aurora (Meche Barba) and Tencha (Silvia Pinal). Aurora is a dancer and cabaret star, while Tencha suffers a limp. The assistant of Don Evaristo, Fidel (Jaime Fernández), is in love with Aurora, and suffers the contempt of the frivolous woman who works in the cabaret where ends involved with a gangster. Meanwhile, Tencha secretly loves Fidel. The virtue of Tencha are rewarded in an unexpected way.



In this film, the Mexican rumbera Meche Barba shares credit with the young star of the moment, Silvia Pinal, who plays her younger sister in this melodramatic tale. Meche was known for her way of dancing in imaginary scenarios in the Mexican cinema. Barba and Pinal share credits for second time (the first time was in the film The Sin of Laura (1949), one of the first movies of Pinal).[1][2]


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