Crocodile Garments

Crocodile Garments
Industry Garments
Founded 1952
Headquarters Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Products Clothes
Website Official website

Crocodile Garments SEHK: 0122 is a textile and garments company based in Hong Kong. Crocodile Garments was founded by the late Dr. Chan Shun (1917-1997) in 1952.


Chan sold the business in 1987 to Lai Sun Garment, controlled by the late billionnaire Lim Por Yen.[1]

Crocodile Garments originally sold dress shirts before expanding to become the largest chain garment store in Hong Kong. They exported to Japan, Singapore and other Asian Countries. A second line called Cal-Thomas was started in CA, USA. Crocodile emerged as the leading fashion label with the expansion of a woman's line and children's line called CrocoKids. At its peak, Crocodile garments was the largest garment chain before the conception of G2000, Giordano, U2 and Bossini in the 1990s.

Legal dispute with Lacoste

Crocodile had a long-standing dispute over the logo and clothing lines with Lacoste. Crocodile uses a crocodile logo that faces left while Lacoste uses one that faces right. The two fought for the logo rights in China, but eventually reached a compromise. Crocodile agreed to change its logo to have a more vertical tail and more scales for its logo.[2]


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