Croatian presidential election, 1997

Croatian presidential election, 1997
15 June 1997

Turnout 54.32%
Nominee Franjo Tuđman Zdravko Tomac Vlado Gotovac
Popular vote 1,337,990 458,172 382,630
Percentage 61.41% 21.03% 17.56%

Results of the first round in all of Croatia's counties: the candidate with the majority of votes in each administrative division.
  Franjo Tuđman   Zdravko Tomac   Vlado Gotovac

President before election

Franjo Tuđman

Elected President

Franjo Tuđman

Presidential elections were held in Croatia on 15 June 1997.[1] They were the second presidential elections held since independence in 1991. The result was a victory for incumbent president Franjo Tuđman of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), who received 61.40% of the vote and was re-elected to a second five year term. Voter turnout was 54.62%.[2] The elections featured the lowest number of presidential candidates to date, with only three taking part; Tuđman, Zdravko Tomac and Vlado Gotovac. The margin of victory (over 40%) is also the largest to date. Tuđman took the oath of office for a second term on 5 August 1997 at Saint Mark's Square. However, he served only two years of his new term, as he died on 10 December 1999, resulting in early elections in January 2000.


Candidate Party Votes %
Franjo TuđmanCroatian Democratic Union1,337,99061.41
Zdravko TomacSocial Democratic Party of Croatia458,17221.03
Vlado GotovacCroatian Social Liberal Party382,63017.56
Invalid/blank votes39,656
Registered voters4,061,47954.62
Source: Nohlen & Stöver; Official results[3]
Results of the election based on the majority of votes in each municipality of Croatia


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