Croatian parliamentary election, 1911

Croatian parliamentary election, 1911
Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia
15 - 17 December 1911

88 seats to the Sabor
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Mile Starčević Svetozar Pribićević Nikola Tomašić
Party Party of Rights Croat-Serb Coalition Party of People's Progress
Seats won
27 / 88
24 / 88
21 / 88
Seat change Increase 12 Decrease 11 Increase 3

Results of the election in each of the electoral districts in 8 counties of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia: the party with the plurality of votes in each district.
  Party of Rights   Croatian Independent Party   Serb Independent Party   Party of People's Progress   Croatian Peoples' Peasant Party
  Serb People's Radical Party   Independent
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Parliamentary elections were held in Croatia-Slavonia in December 1911.[1] Despite efforts of Ban Nikola Tomašić to coerce voters to vote for pro-government parties,[1] the result was unfavourable as the government won only 21 seats.[2] Elections in 4 districts were suspended and in 1 district the results were challenged. On the last day of the elections Josip Frank, former leader of the Starčević's Party of Rights, died in Zagreb.[3]


Party Votes % Seats % +/–
Party of Rights
Stranka prava
27 32.14% +12
Croat-Serb Coalition
Hrvatsko-srpska koalicija
24 28.56% –11
  • Croatian Independent Party
    Hrvatska samostalna stranka
(12) (14.28%) –6
(12) (14.28%) –3
Party of People's Progress
Stranka narodnog napretka
21 25% +3
Croatian People's Peasant Party
Hrvatska pučka seljačka stranka
8 9.52% –1
Serb People's Radical Party
Srpska narodna radikalna stranka
3 3.57% +2
Independent candidates 1 1.19% ±0
Total 84 100%
Registered Voters/Turnout


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