Coordinates: 45°49′N 25°28′E / 45.817°N 25.467°E / 45.817; 25.467
Country  Romania
County Braşov County
Population (2011)[1] 2,379
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
  Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Archaeological site ″La Cetate″

Crizbav (Hungarian: Krizba, German: Krebsbach) is a commune in Braşov County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Crizbav and Cutuş (Kutastelep).

At the 2011 census, 83.1% of inhabitants were Romanians and 16.1% Hungarians.

Geographical setting

Crizbav is located 24 km northwest of the city of Brașov, on a high plateau of Burzenland depression at the southern foot of the Perșani Mountains. Crizbav commune belongs to the Burzenland historic region and is situated 10 km from DN 13 (Feldioara commune) and 6 km of DN 1 (Dumbrăviţa commune).

Crizbav borders:

The Crizbav commune altitude is 572 m, decreasing to Feldioara and Satu Nou at 513–514 m. Higher elevations in the commune are Horezu Peak-1055 m and Citadel Peak-1104 m, both arranged in the foothills of Perșani Mountains, approximately 6 km to the village center.

Short history

The first written documents of the material and spiritual life of the commune dates back to Roman times, evidence - Fortress Crizbav, which experts consider that it was built by the Romans after the occupation of Dacia, but certain written attestations are from 1335.

The history of the village is rich, beginning from the German name of the city, (Krebs Bach = Crabs Valley) and continuing with the use of Crizbav Citadel as military observation tower, as confirmed by the "Diploma of King Louis the Great" of March 12, 1344, or that of Prince Stephen Bathory of October 30, 1484.


Coordinates: 45°49′N 25°28′E / 45.817°N 25.467°E / 45.817; 25.467

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